Asphalt Maintenance in Montebello

There are many varieties of asphalt pavement maintenance. Some have to do with repairs, while some are preventative.  But they are all done for one reason alone: To maximize the lifespan of your driveway, pathway, or parking lot.  Any asphalt pavement that’s been maintained should last a good 20 years without cause for major repair or replacement. 

The best way to ensure this longevity is to go for a long-term asphalt maintenance service arrangement with CSI Paving, Inc. You pay our cost-effective, competitive, reasonable fees, and we protect your asphalt pavement.  Protected, preserved pavement is money in your pocket. 

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CSI Paving, Inc’s Skilled Asphalt Contractors

When you hire us to maintain your asphalt, you get the best-trained eyes in the business. Over time and under the effects of temperature changes, unkept asphalt will become vulnerable to damage. Our experts on duty will catch anything that could develop into an issue at its onset—and possibly prevent it altogether.

Hairline cracks will be kept free of debris and will be filled.  Patches will be applied to any dings or potholes, and our team will seal them. Whatever issue your pavement is facing, we have the solution. Call our team today for a no-obligation assessment and consultation.

Our Asphalt Maintenance and Sealcoating Services

The advantages of hiring our expert paving contractors to seal your pavement are many.  Sealcoating your driveway, pathway, or parking lot:

  • Preserves asphalt surfaces with its extra layer of strength, in turn protecting the base layers below.
  • Creates a beautiful blacktop look that stays looking new and adds curb appeal with a more ‘luxe’
  • Increases asphalt pavement’s flexibility. The darker surface absorbs more heat that adds ‘bend’ to the surface. It handles more weight with no cracks.
  • Slows water penetration and oxidation.
  • Makes it resistant to oil and gas that would otherwise stain and soften asphalt.
  • Prevents fading and paling from the sun and UV rays.
  • Smooths and evens out the surface for easier sweeping and clearing.
  • Is far less expensive than resurfacing!

We know which sealcoating will be best for your pavement’s needs. And we have a full inventory of the industry’s finest products and brands. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products.

Routine Asphalt Maintenance and Inspections

When asphalt surfaces are left to their own devices, they quickly show signs of neglect. Noticeable signs include crumbly, dry, stained, or cracked driveways, which makes the property it leads to looking unkempt. 

A lot of property managers and homeowners don’t realize how the simple act of arranging for routine asphalt inspections and maintenance can end up saving them money down the road. Get in touch with us today to learn about our maintenance options.

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