Asphalt Resurfacing in Montebello

CSI Paving, Inc is the top provider of asphalt resurfacing services in the area. Our years of experience and reputation of performing excellent paving solutions make our team of contractors the best fit for the job.

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CSI Paving, Inc’s Asphalt Resurfacing Assessment

We carefully inspect the current state of your asphalt using state-of-the-art equipment combined with the experienced eyes of our most veteran team members.

We need to understand the present condition of your asphalt through and through. Our paving contractors be able to let you know the next appropriate course of action based on our results. Here are a few factors we look at while conducting our evaluation:


Old and brittle asphalt requires more extensive work, and it sometimes is more cost-effective to repave it rather than resurface it. We’ll be able to help you decide what is best at the end of our evaluation.


If your asphalt has shallow surface damages, then you’re a perfect candidate for our resurfacing services. However, if there are underlying structural issues we may need to take extra precaution while enforcing the pre-resurfacing repairs to ensure that our work will last.


We’ll already know a lot about the exposure to elements that deteriorate your pavement by looking at it. We may ask you some questions just to confirm our suspicions and to better protect your new asphalt surface after we work on it.

After we’ve given you our evaluation and affordable quote, we’ll quickly start our work with your approval. 

Quick and Efficient Pavement Resurfacing Services

After we’ve agreed on the asphalt resurfacing timeline and costs, we get straight to work. We clear the asphalt and repair any cracks and potholes with the best quality formulated solutions and compounds available on the market. Following this, we proficiently deliver our well-reputed resurfacing services using precision and professionalism in every step. Our team of hard-working contractors proceed carefully and respectfully to ensure as little traffic interruption and mess as possible—so you can get back to using your blacktop in as little time as possible.

We also offer top-of-the-line sealants. Using our earlier assessments, we’ll recommend one that will protect our work when we’ve finished. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy our seamless resurfacing job for years to come.

Our Custom Asphalt Resurfacing Guarantee

After we’ve crafted and delivered the resurfacing job, we promise that you’ll be able to enjoy several benefits of your new asphalt such as:

  • A revitalized aesthetic appearance
  • An improved riding quality
  • Protected surfaces with water drainage
  • A stronger and longer-lasting asphalt
  • Skid-resistance restoration

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