Asphalt Maintenance in Torrance

CSI Paving, Inc is proud to be the best asphalt maintenance company in the area. Our clients trust us to keep their pavement in the condition it was in the day it was installed, if not better. Their loyalty and satisfaction fuel us. The only way to achieve quality and longevity is with our asphalt maintenance. And our team is the absolute asphalt authority!

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CSI Paving, Inc: Your Trusted Asphalt Company

The secret to our success is that we have stayed true to our initial vision and mission.  We strive to never leave a broken contract or broken pavement in our wake, and we’ve succeeded. This mission is as vital to us today as it was the day we started. When you enlist our asphalt maintenance services, you’ll have the experts in your corner.

Astute Asphalt Maintenance Team

Asphalt driveways and parking lots are abundant because asphalt is durable and flexible.  Sadly, it is also at risk of weakening due to extreme weather, chemical spills (including gas and oil leaks), air, sun, water, and weight. Finding the right asphalt maintenance company can keep all those things at bay and keep your money in the bank. We are that company.

Our team of expert asphalt contractors has years of experience installing and maintaining asphalt for various commercial and residential clients. No matter if your needs are big or small, we’re the team you can trust and the professionals you can rely on to get the job done right the first time.

Commercial and Residential Asphalt Maintenance

We are proud to provide asphalt pavement maintenance to both commercial and residential properties:

  • School parking lots
  • Shopping center parking structures
  • Municipal parking lots
  • Residential driveways
  • Residential pathways
  • Restaurant parking lots
  • Office building parking lots
  • Industrial loading docks
  • And more!

Our Expert Asphalt Maintenance Service

We will fight the good fight for your asphalt. First, we survey your pavement and assess what work you need and discuss a routine inspection schedule.  Next, we’ll recommend blacktopthe look that’s achieved when we apply sealcoating.  Blacktop provides an attractive eye-catching aesthetic. Once sealed, it also serves to protect the asphalt from all the aforementioned threats.

Finally, we’ll be on high alert from the day we begin working for you.  Even the finest, tiniest cracks will be tended to. Cleaning, filling cracks, and patching holes are our strategies for all wear and tear on your driveway, path, or parking lot. We use only high-rated industry products, materials, and machinery to guarantee our work will last, so your driveway, path and parking lot will last too.

Call Our Asphalt Maintenance Company Today

Get the experience, care, and reliability your asphalt deserves. Our services are cost-effective and our work stands the test of time.

When you get in touch with us, you will be treated with honesty and respect.  Your pavement is our priority.  Call us now and let’s get to work!