When Should You Hire an Asphalt Contractor: A Friendly Guide

Your property’s appearance is essential to your business or home’s value. While it may seem minor, the asphalt on your property can directly contribute to visitors' view of you or your company and their safety while on your premises.

If your business has a messy parking lot full of potholes (and potential liability), you may not be sending the right message to potential customers. Likewise, if your driveway is full of cracks and holes, your guests will have difficulty accessing your home safely and comfortably.

The key to presenting your property well starts with the appearance and quality of your concrete, and that’s where asphalt contractors come in.

While your property will have unique needs for asphalt and concrete, CSI Paving, Inc’s team of expert asphalt contractors is here to give tips on when you should contact a professional service.

From repairs to assessments, we’ll break down the telltale signs that you need an asphalt contractor. We’ll also highlight some essential qualities to look for in a professional asphalt contractor and what you should expect to receive from them. Read on to learn about when it’s time to hire an asphalt contractor!

Is Your Pavement Visibly Damaged?

Cracked, sinking, and fading pavement isn’t just an eyesore—it also poses a risk. Any seasoned driver can tell you that potholes and uneven pavement can significantly damage your vehicle and even lead to accidents. Neglected roads and parking lots on private property can cause problems for drivers you may be liable for.

The bad news is that visibly damaged pavement will need to be refilled and replaced. But the good news is that the sooner you notice changes or problem spots with your asphalt, the more likely a professional can mitigate the damage.

Potholes and fractured pavement aren’t spontaneous occurrences but the result of repeated vehicular contact and the expansion and contraction of the earth underneath. Not all potholes are preventable, but small cracks and warping often only become problematic when left unattended.

While it may seem like a no-brainer to contact an asphalt contractor when your parking lot, driveway, or commercial roads are damaged, many people wait too long to hire a professional service. The earlier you contact an asphalt contractor, the easier and cheaper their work will likely be. Don’t wait until your property is covered with potholes—call an asphalt contractor as soon as you notice a few problem areas.

Call for Seasonal Maintenance

Weather is one of the most common sources of potholes and asphalt damage. As much as we’d like to tell you that there’s a foolproof way of preventing damage to your pavement, the truth is that water and changing temperatures can lead to cracks and fissures in your asphalt.

One way to address the inevitable impact of the environment on your asphalt is to schedule seasonal maintenance on your parking lots, driveways, and roads. Bringing in an asphalt and concrete expert who can evaluate the state of your property and provide insight or preventative repairs can be a smart investment. Having a professional contractor fill cracks, fissures, and warped patches can minimize your costs and keep your asphalt in good condition all year round.

Invest in Asphalt Assessments

For non-professionals, it can be challenging to know when your asphalt needs repairing and what’s expected from everyday wear and tear. If you’re concerned about certain parts of your parking lot or driveway, the smartest thing you can do is call an asphalt contractor for an assessment.

Professional contractors have the skills and resources to conduct proper assessments and determine the extent of an issue and whether or not it needs to be addressed. Having the correct information can help you make the best decision about your asphalt and keep your property safe and in good condition.

What to Look for in an Asphalt Contractor

As important as it is to know the right time to hire an asphalt contractor, it’s equally important to be able to choose a contractor suited to your needs. Selecting a professional asphalt contractor with the experience and knowledge to manage your property is the first step to keeping your pavement in top condition.

We recommend working with local asphalt companies that meet the following criteria:

Experience: Select an asphalt contractor who advertises their previous work on their website or has an established customer base. You can check online for reviews or even request testimonials from previous clients. Experienced asphalt contractors are more likely to have the skills and knowledge to accurately identify and resolve issues with your property’s pavement.

Certification: It’s essential to verify that you’re hiring a licensed contractor to manage your asphalt and pavement needs. Most companies will list their professional certification on their website, but it’s important to work with a contractor specializing in asphalt instead of a general contractor.

Communication: Top asphalt contractors should communicate frequently during their business relationships and encourage open and honest dialogue in their interactions with you. From consultations to follow-ups, working with a contractor who prioritizes prompt and respectful communication is essential to achieving a successful outcome.

Flexibility: Try to find out about the flexibility of their scheduling. Will they be able to conduct their service around your peak hours? Can they accommodate your scheduling needs? How long will it take for your contractor to complete their work?

Reputation: In the same way you want to know that your asphalt contractor has worked on commercial projects, you should learn about a company’s reputation before working with them. Either evidenced in customer reviews or information on their website, a good contractor will have a positive reputation from their clientele.

Quality of Service: While an asphalt contractor’s work should be of the highest quality, the same goes for their customer service. Do you feel like your concerns are being listened to? Are your needs being prioritized? Make sure you do your due diligence before working with a contractor and try to ascertain the type of service they provide.

The Bottom Line

If you have more questions about when you should call an asphalt contractor, or you’re looking for a company with expertise and an extensive portfolio of previous work, then CSI Paving, Inc can help. From consultations to construction to inspections, our talented team can satisfy your asphalt needs and answer any questions.

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