Parking Lot Repair in Wilmington

CSI Paving, Inc has a solid reputation for being among the best parking lot repair companies in the industry. We have a proven track record for being one of the most reliable asphalt repair companies in Wilmington. By working with numerous local clients, we have the necessary skills, experience, and operation techniques to guarantee long-lasting, reliable, and outstanding paving results.

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CSI Paving, Inc’s Parking Lot Assessment

As part of delivering exceptional service in the form of quality repairs, our technical team must first assess your site. This assessment allows us to discover the original cause of the damage and map out efficient methods to fix it. The assessment phase will enable us to gather enough information on your site and make necessary reinforcement on your asphalt to avoid future damages.

The assessment allows us to give a reasonable quote, which will include both the time and materials needed so you won’t be surprised when we deliver the bill. This is part of the honest and loyal dedication we have for each of our clients regardless of their budget or project.

Expert Parking Lot Repair

When assessment and other formalities are completed, the work phase begins, and we get up and running to deliver as promised. Our services cover:

Asphalt Patching

When the damage to your site involves the foundation, our technical team removes the damaged surface, refills the asphalt, and carries out other proven methods to create a new level surface.

Crack Sealing

Our technical team employs this method when repairs involve paved surfaces with surface cracks. This procedure hinders cracks from increasing in size and prevents them from causing further significant damages. The sealing process consists of filling asphalt cracks with top-grade materials and allowing it to cure for a long-lasting and tight seal.


Sealcoating is an extra protective layer that shields the asphalt from further damage. We have a large range of sealants that protect against heavy-duty traffic and chemicals, and we’ll help you find one that works best for you. Our sealcoating services are an efficient practice that will guarantee a longer-lasting result.

Pothole Repairs

This is similar to asphalt patching. Damaged parts of the site are removed and replaced with a fresh mix of top quality materials. Once the hole is adequately filled, we will compact it to ensure a smooth, level surface.

Perfection in Every Parking Lot Repair 

All our projects are handled with top-tier premium materials that guarantee high-quality results. Our teams of experts are armed with top-of-the-line equipment and are ready to tackle every parking lot repair job that comes our way. Get started on your project today.

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